• Cubism 2004-2005

    In the summer of 2004, I began photographing my friends and family in their most private spaces.  My idea for this project was obviously inspired by the cubist paintings of Picasso and so I modeled my portraits very closely to those he painted.  I wanted to show more than what just a single photograph could show.  My attempt was to give the viewer the same scattered, cluttered vision of what someone might see if they were to reflect on a memory.  We do not simply see a stagnant image, but a fluid moving world from many different angles.  I felt that this was the best way to show a person, to show their space. The project continued to the spring of 2005 where it culminated in the piece Bereft of Lucidity which I exhibited at the 8th annual BFA Alternative Show in Bloomington, IN.  This piece, inspired by a dream, was the first piece that I had photographed many different environments to incorporate them as one image.  It measures 4' by 4' and uses real cut out photographs with varying depth to create the cubist look and feel.